WordPress Plugin Vulnerability | Bluegrass Web Works

If you have a WordPress website please read. Important information from Bluegrass Web Works on security issues that need attention. It was recently discovered that a large number of WordPress plugins have security vulnerabilities allowing hackers access to websites running outdated versions of these plugins. Source: WordPress Plugin Vulnerability | Bluegrass Web Works

You are NOT a Graphic Designer so quit trying to be one!

My workload keeps piling up today which means I really should be working on client projects right now, but I had to stop and write this blog post ASAP because I can't take it anymore. I have to stand on my soapbox and scream out to all small business owners something very important.  Here it

Underrated Technology Every Social Media Marketer Should Be Thankful For

Social media has been responsible for far-reaching changes in the way that marketers are interacting with the public. Technology has brought us to a point where the modern consumer has nearly uninterrupted access to their favorite products, companies, personalities, and brands. As a result, marketers spend a great deal of their time figuring out how

Top Ten Internet and Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

  I recently gave a presentation to a group of small business owners from the NEW (Network of Entrepreneurial Women) group.  I created the graphic above to correspond to the "Top Ten Internet and Social Media Tips for Small Businesses".  Because some women in the group were just starting out and some were already further

Two Important Website Design Elements: Photography and Designers

We just finished building one of our best websites yet for a local restaurant called Captain's Quarters.   The client was ecstatic about the results which made me start thinking about what made this website build so successful for us and the client.  Two important website design elements stood out on the project, great photography

The Top 5 Marketing Pitfalls for the Small Business Owners

My partner and I have been in the marketing / advertising business for several decades now and we have seen it all when it comes to small business marketing. Here are the top 5 small business marketing pitfalls we come across most often and our suggestions for avoiding them. 1. Businesses do not own their own

Top 10 Reasons Why We Use WordPress?

Over 90% of our clients are now on the WordPress website platform. I have encouraged all my clients over the last several years to move to WordPress.  It is a dynamic, user friendly system that puts control back into the hands of the clients.  I have clients that can manage their own websites updates after

Small Business Marketing Workshop

Please join us on September 18th for the Go Fetch Marketing Workshop You will learn the answers to these ten marketing  questions and lots more. How do I incorporate social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest) into my business and how important is it? Should I revamp my current website or build a new one?

Fund Raise Better By Marketing Better

Fundraisers can be a daunting and difficult task.  Some organizations don’t provide good marketing and sales tools to help sell the product or service which only makes it more difficult to raise funds. Whether you are parent raising funds for your kids' schools or sports team, or you are passionate about a charitable organization, put

SMART HDD Virus on Computer

I just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to Bluegrass IT Services. My computer recently got a bad virus called SMART HDD and the experts at Bluegrass IT Servies saved the day. This is an UGLY virus and it completely shuts down your system. I thought for several days that I had completely

Network for Entrepreneurial Women

If you are in the Louisville area and interested in connecting with other women entrepreneurs please check out NEW out.  It is very low key, free to attend events, and is a great resource for information and guidance.  Make sure to sign up for their email list so you receive invitations to their monthly events.

Twitter Design Goes Viral and Nike Calls

You can't stop hearing about how you need to embrace social media for your marketing.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting just to think about adding social media to your business owner duties. I talk to clients daily about the importance of social media as an extension of their marketing efforts, but I also admit that as an agency we get lazy

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM

I went to pick up some mail last week at the post office and saw a flyer about a USPS marketing program.  Wow, this seems to good to be true.  It is called Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM.  This is a program the USPS offers that opens up a whole new opportunity for busines

New Account Manager

Hi Everyone.  I don't really blog about our advertising agency but I think I will start doing this more often so the audience can start understanding how agencies work.  My first post about our agency is to announce the addition of a new account manager to our team.  His name is Josh Fuqua and he will be managing and

Easy and Fun Easter Marketing Campaign

Here is a quick and easy easter marketing campaign I came across yesterday.  This is particularly a great campaign if you own a retail store or if you are in the service industry but have a bricks and mortar store that customers visit.  I went to get my haircut yesterday in a swanky salon (rare