I was on my way to my brother’s house for the annual 4th of July celebration with the family and as I pulled into his upper class neighborhood I noticed little American Flags in the yard of every house right beside every mailbox.  Wow, I thought, his neighborhood is so fancy that the Home Owners Association put out flags in everyone’s yard to decorate for the holiday.  As I pulled into my brother’s driveway, I looked down at the flag in his yard and noticed that it had a little 4×6 postcard attached to the flag pole which was advertising a local real estate agent that worked the area.  What a great marketing idea.  This real estate agent was being very clever.  He knew if he put the flags in everyone’s yard by the mailboxes with his little advertisement attached, that no one would take them down because it was for the holiday.  My brother informed me the flags had been up for several days.  Who doesn’t want an American Flag in their yard on the 4th. 

This concept would be good for companies that are targeting specific neighborhoods, income levels, etc…  Maybe you are a high end landscaper looking to get your name out there in a specific area.  Buy some decorative item for a specific holiday and get cracking.  4th of July is perfect but perhaps something for Thanksgiving or Halloween since it seems to be universal holiday. I particularly like Halloween since people are out and about walking the neighborhood with their kids. 

Don’t forget to send me any great inexpensive marketing campaigns you have tried.  Please spread the knowledge.  Thanks and good luck to all you marketers out there.