I know, direct mail is almost dead or at least everyone but mailhouses think so.  Well, I am somewhere in between.  Sometimes I think it is dead and then sometimes I do a campaign for a client and WOW, the ROI is incredible.  So, here is my approach.  A VERY well thought out campaign with a specific goal in mind can work if executed correctly.  The biggest mistake my clients have made is trying to do a campaign on their own and they have no clue about sizing, offer, demographics, postage, etc… and their campaign bombs and then they swear that direct mail is dead.  I ran across this short and informative article about direct mail that is useful for a beginner.  Bottom line, think long and hard about direct mail and your goals.  The most expensive part is going to be postage so make sure you understand how bulk postage works.  For truly great direct mail I would recommend hiring an expert to help with creative, list, printing, data management, and mailing.  By the way, the most successful direct mail campaigns for my client base have been campaigns that are up-sells to current customer bases.  Good Luck and please share with us your direct mail successes and failures.  We can learn from everyone’s experiences.