We Let the Experts Manage Our WordPress Security and So Should You

So here I go again on one of my rants.  I fume over issues for a few days and if it doesn't go away I know it is time to take it to the blog.  I am going to chalk this one up to the old saying "You don't know, what you don't know."  I am also going to blame myself for not properly educating my clients and prospective clients. Website developers are not security experts and most website developers DO NOT manage website hosting. More importantly, they don't manage security on a website.  It doesn't mean they CAN'T manage it, it just means they wouldn't be the best person to manage it. It is like saying an Internist can help you manage back pain, but you should probably go see an Orthopedist for expert care. We love WordPress and so do our clients, but it is a breeding ground for hackers because it is the #1  open source content management system (CMS). I could mange the security on my site, but it is just one of those things I don't know enough about and I don't have the time to keep up with the ever changing environment. I hire experts

Underrated Technology Every Social Media Marketer Should Be Thankful For

Social media has been responsible for far-reaching changes in the way that marketers are interacting with the public. Technology has brought us to a point where the modern consumer has nearly uninterrupted access to their favorite products, companies, personalities, and brands. As a result, marketers spend a great deal of their time figuring out how to leverage the marketing tools available to them without overstaying their welcome. Below are a number of technologies that remain underrated, at least where marketers are concerned, that are making the task of marketing to a worldwide audience that much easier. Smartphones and Tablets It might seem unusual to refer to tablets and smartphones as "underrated," but their place in the world of online marketing has yet to be fully understood and utilized. The truth is, marketers everywhere are still trying to make sense of the fact that most people can't so much as go to the bathroom without taking their mobile device of choice with them. What this means is that there are more opportunities than ever to fully utilize these devices as marketing tools. One thing that marketers are learning to differentiate between is the sort of calls-to-action that should be used