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Small Businesses Should be Using Google My Business

Small Business Should be Using Google My Business

The biggest small business tip I give every client and prospective client when it comes to small business marketing is to claim, verify and populate all your business information on Google My Business (GMB). Google is asking for your business information and will give you a business account for free that allows you to give out information to audiences that are looking to find your products and services online.

Here are 6 reasons why small businesses should use Google My Business:

  1. It is FREE and who doesn’t love free tools to enhance your brand, products, and services?
  2. Google will give priority in rankings to businesses that have a GMB listing.
  3. Increased visibility: When customers search for businesses in

60 Free Online Courses

Free Online CoursesFree online courses are now available for the DIY entrepreneur. and it is always hard to pass up FREE! Hubspot just published a comprehensive list of the 60 Best Free Online Courses and most of them are about marketing. We wanted to share on the Go Fetch Marketing blog for all our visitors. Since the list is published by Hubspot, there is a lot of Hubspot courses promoted on the list, but it is great information for any small business owner that is trying to elevate their marketing skills.  CLICK HERE to scroll through all the courses you can take.

We Let the Experts Manage Our WordPress Security and So Should You

hands-typingSo here I go again on one of my rants.  I fume over issues for a few days and if it doesn’t go away I know it is time to take it to the blog.  I am going to chalk this one up to the old saying “You don’t know, what you don’t know.”  I am also going to blame myself for not properly educating my clients and prospective clients.

Website developers are not security experts and most website developers DO NOT manage website hosting. More importantly, they don’t manage security on a website.  It doesn’t mean they CAN’T manage it, it just means they wouldn’t be the best person to manage it. It is like saying

You are NOT a Graphic Designer so quit trying to be one!


My work keeps piling up today which means I really should be working on client projects right now, but I had to stop and write this blog post ASAP because I can’t take it anymore. I have to stand on my soapbox and scream out to all small business owners something very important.  Here it goes, brace yourself for disappointment: “You are NOT a graphic designer so quit trying to be one”! Read it again and remember it.

All small business owners wear multiple hats, but please take off the graphic design hat.  Just like you shouldn’t do legal work for your business without a law degree, you shouldn’t be designing without design skills, experience, and a

Underrated Technology Every Social Media Marketer Should Be Thankful For

ThankYouTabletSocial media has been responsible for far-reaching changes in the way that marketers are interacting with the public. Technology has brought us to a point where the modern consumer has nearly uninterrupted access to their favorite products, companies, personalities, and brands. As a result, marketers spend a great deal of their time figuring out how to leverage the marketing tools available to them without overstaying their welcome.

Below are a number of technologies that remain underrated, at least where marketers are concerned, that are making the task of marketing to a worldwide audience that much easier.

Smartphones and Tablets

It might seem unusual to refer to tablets and smartphones as “underrated,” but their place in the

Top Ten Internet and Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Slide1I recently gave a presentation to a group of small business owners from the NEW (Network of Entrepreneurial Women) group.  I created the graphic above to correspond to the “Top Ten Internet and Social Media Tips for Small Businesses”.  Because some women in the group were just starting out and some were already further along in their marketing programs I decided the best way to provide value to the whole group was to think through the most common mistakes I see with my own set of clients. So, here it is…. The Top Ten marketing tips when it comes to Internet marketing that I think all business owners should understand before they start the

Two Important Website Design Elements: Photography and Designers

We just finished building one of our best websites yet for a local restaurant called Captain’s Quarters.


CaptainsQuartersWebsiteThe client was ecstatic about the results which made me start thinking about what made this website build so successful for us and the client.  Two important website design elements stood out on the project, great photography and designers.  First off,  a big shout out to our great designers, my partner Brad Howard and Mark Malik. The second element was all the great photography this client made available to us.  It literally took me days to sort through all the photography and categorize it for the designers to use.

I know what you are thinking as a small business