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Top 10 Reasons Why We Use WordPress?

Over 90% of our clients are now on the WordPress website platform. I have encouraged all my clients over the last several years to move to WordPress.  It is a dynamic, user friendly system that puts control back into the hands of the clients.  I have clients that can manage their own websites updates after we built the initial website and trained them on how to make updates.  Obviously we are always here to handle the updates for clients that don't want to be DIY pioneers, but our clients are thrilled to know that they can do it without us if they want to.  With the economic down turn and companies tighten their belts, every penny counts. Here is a list of the top ten reasons we love using WordPress. It is Open Source: WordPress is an Open Source software which means it is free! It may be used on any personal, and/or commercial projects without costing you an annual “seat license”. Many high-end Content Management Systems (CMS) require “Seat Licenses” which means that you have to pay per user /seat who will be using it. User Friendly: WordPress does not require you to be an expert with computer knowledge in order to incorporate or use it on your website. It comes with a simple backend CMS where you can manage your own website content. Extended Plugins: WordPress has many open-source plugins that can assist you in making WordPress look however you want it

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Small Business Marketing Workshop

Please join us on September 18th for the Go Fetch Marketing Workshop You will learn the answers to these ten marketing  questions and lots more. How do I incorporate social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest) into my business and how important is it? Should I revamp my current website or build a new one? What is the difference between domain and hosting and which vendors should I use for these services? What marketing items can I handle myself? What marketing items do I need to outsource? What are some successful and inexpensive marketing campaigns, tricks, and tips? How do I handle advertising sales people and what should I ask EVER advertising sales person? What are QR Codes and are they right for my business? What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how do I manage it? How do I get the best return on my investment (ROI) when my marketing budget is small? The first two hours of the workshop will be classroom style discussion and then we will have a complete hour for Q&A. No question will go unanswered. Space is limited to 30 participants so grab your seat fast. Tickets to the workshop are $35 and cover the cost of class and refreshments Wi-Fi is available in conference room if you would like to bring your laptop or tablet.

Should You Offer Coupons on Daily Deal Websites Like Groupon?

As a consumer, I always glance and sometimes buy coupons from daily deal websites like  Groupon and Living Social.  It is hard to pass up a great deal that is emailed to you everyday. As a business owner, I have always questioned whether the ROI (Return on Investment) is worth it.  I have spoken with lots of businesses that say they often break-even on the coupon offer because they have to give a large portion of the proceeds back to the daily deal websites in fees and they have to sell a lot of coupons.  Despite the low ROI on the coupon, as a business owner, you might think as long as you break-even you might be able to earn new customers that become repeat buyers so it is still worth it. Although the jury is still out on this new marketing tactic, I am starting to question the true ROI.  Check out this new article published in the Business Daily and share your thoughts with us.

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Fund Raise Better By Marketing Better

Fundraisers can be a daunting and difficult task.  Some organizations don’t provide good marketing and sales tools to help sell the product or service which only makes it more difficult to raise funds. Whether you are parent raising funds for your kids' schools or sports team, or you are passionate about a charitable organization, put on your creative hat and come up with something new and different. For example, the school my kids attend has a big magazine drive each year.   The magazines are expensive and how many people actually have subscriptions to magazines anymore with the prevalence of digital media in our daily lives.  This makes for a terrible product, horrible pricing model, and ultimately a difficult sale. My kids have to prey on our closest family members for a sympathy purchase which of course includes the biggest sympathy purchase from Mom and Dad.  I now have enough magazines subscriptions in my house to open up a periodical section in my office. Making matters worse, the  school only provides each kid with a hard copy catalog of magazines, some black and white flyers, and access to a terrible online ordering system. A bad product coupled with a bad marketing strategy leads to frustrated parents that just complain every year come fundraising time and frustrated kids that can't sell magazines to win their $.05 rubber ducky necklace.  I can probably buy a bag of 100 rubber ducks from china for

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SMART HDD Virus on Computer

I just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to Bluegrass IT Services. My computer recently got a bad virus called SMART HDD and the experts at Bluegrass IT Servies saved the day. This is an UGLY virus and it completely shuts down your system. I thought for several days that I had completely lost all my files and programs on my computer. I actually went computer shopping, anticipating that I was going to have to start all over. Thankfully, four days after the virus attacked the team at Bluegrass IT Services got it back up and running. Here is a link to more information on the virus from Bluegrass IT Services. Also, remember to back up your files to an online backup system such as Carbonite or IDrive. Double check to make sure your backups are working. I had set Carbonite to back up the wrong folders on my computer and for several days I feared that I was going to lose thousand of work files.

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Website Design 101: 7 Steps to a Great Website

Have you been thinking about a website redesign? Redesign projects can be laborious, so before you head down make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and that you incorporate the most essential elements. This free ebook will walk you through 7 important steps that you should follow for a redesign or if  you are just considering an upgrade to your current website. You will learn: Whether or not a website redesign is right for your company How to protect your website content during a redesign How to format your homepage correctly The importance of original content Why you need landing pages The importance of website metrics

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Growing Your Email List

In addition to having a sign-up form on your website for visitors to register for your email list, I saw a great idea in a little local ice cream shop the other day.  If you have a retail store put a small laptop computer at the checkout area that allows people waiting in line to pay to add their own email address to your list.  This avoids the hassle of having to ask them for it, it is definitely opt-in, and you know the email address is inputting accurately.  This is a great option for coffee shops, ice-cream shops, restaurants, etc... where people are standing around waiting for their coffee, ice-cream, or order to be filled.

Network for Entrepreneurial Women

If you are in the Louisville area and interested in connecting with other women entrepreneurs please check out NEW out.  It is very low key, free to attend events, and is a great resource for information and guidance.  Make sure to sign up for their email list so you receive invitations to their monthly events.

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