You are NOT a Graphic Designer so quit trying to be one!

My work keeps piling up today which means I really should be working on client projects right now, but I had to stop and write this blog post ASAP because I can't take it anymore. I have to stand on my soapbox and scream out to all small business owners something very important.  Here it goes, brace yourself for disappointment: "You are NOT a graphic designer so quit trying to be one"! Read it again and remember it. All small business owners wear multiple hats, but please take off the graphic design hat.  Just like you shouldn't do legal work for your business without a law degree, you shouldn't be designing without design skills, experience, and a great eye. Go Fetch Marketing's co-founder, Brad Howard is a graphic designer.  Clients actually pay him good money to design. Graphic design isn't his hobby, side job, or just for kicks job. He isn't an interior designer or photographer, who now thinks he can be a graphic designer.  Graphic design is his career, his passion, and his education (Fine Arts Degree).  Brad has an eye for graphic design, almost 4 decades of experience in multiple industries and in multiple mediums. He can